Samsung Refrigerator Service Centre in Gurgaon

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Importance of Planning in Setting up Samsung Refrigerator Service Centre in Gurgaon

Samsung, the consumer electronics giant from South Korea, has well entrenched market in Gurgaon for all its products. One of its products which finds an excellent market in Gurgaon is that of refrigerator. This white good is a must for all households of the city. This comes in different price ranges which vary according to the model of the product. This, in turn, depends on features and technology being used in that particular model of refrigerator. The Samsung refrigerator repair service in Gurgaon is also well entrenched.

Name: Samsung Service Centre
Address: Gurgaon
Category: Samsung Refrigerator Service Centre in Gurgaon
Phone: 9811-3431-36
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM


Samsung Refrigerator Repair in GurgaonThe repair service is offered all over the city with its exclusive repair centre channels or those by it to provide some or all services on its behalf. These centres are geographically dispersed in the city so that the help can reach customers in no time. Customers can get information about these centres in their locality from the web or from the customer care service of the company.


In adherence to the company policy that the customer shall be satisfied in all dimensions of its dealing with the company, it is pertinent that the services requested for are provided promptly. When a refrigerator develops an issue, it needs to be attended urgently since the eatables kept inside might get damaged due to improper cooling. Further, in the summer season, the frequency of using the refrigerator increases many folds. So, the promptness in services is even more for the summer season. The companies  do take note of arrival of summer season and pitch up their sales as well as service centres for taking care of customer requirements.


To ensure promptness in service, there is detailed planning and accumulation of right resources. The planning involves how many service centres shall be present in the whole city and in particular regions. This is directly determined by the population base of different regions of company and how many sales have been generated from that region in the past. The number of active users from a particular region determine whether that region shall have a service centre or not.
Planning is also done on what all resources need to be present in the service centre. These include the personnel, tools, equipments and even the modes of transportation which will be used to  attend to service calls. Further, there has to be clear delineation of roles and fixing of responsibility and accountability of the repair technicians and all other staff of the service centre. Call centre, operations, finance and all other departments have to be in place. Efficiency of their operations adds to the promptness of service and improves quality of service delivery.

Samsung Refrigerator Service Center Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the youngest cities of India that was planned to be a home for multinational companies and white-collar workers. With burgeoning workforce population and migration of families from different parts of country here, all urban amenities began to be delivered. At present, it is one of prime markets for selling white goods. Samsung, a leader in this category of home and office appliances, not only set up sales stores but also service center for after-sales support. If you require any kind of after-sales support, be it regular maintenance or repair and replacement services, feel free to call us or leave us your query.

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  1. My fridge lower part is not cooling. Can i get toll free phone nuber

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