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When Shall Product Be Taken to the Samsung Service Centre in Delhi?

These days companies want to save the hassles to customers who buy their products. Therefore, they seek to provide the after-sales services right at the doorstep of the customer. Whenever people call the customer care of companies for complaints about their products, the first instance is to get the issue resolved through remote support. However, when this is not possible, it arranges for site visit of technician. The technician himself is trained to offer as much repair and maintenance work at the site of customer as possible. Only in rare circumstances is the product taken to Samsung service centre in Delhi. These conditions are outlined here:

  1. When there is paucity of space for undertaking the task: if space does not permit undertaking repair and maintenance tasks, there is no option but to take the product to centre.
  2. When there is risk of some accident: Safety of the people is the foremost concern by any repair and maintenance technician. If the nature of task is risky, then it shall not be conducted at the place of customer. Rather, it has to be taken to the safe haven of the center.
  3. When the equipments to be used are not possible to carry on the spot: Companies do provide the gear and the means to take tools and equipment for on-site repair tasks. However, there could still be some other equipments which are not possible to carry along and these are required for work. There is no option but to take the product to the center.
  4. When it is going to take a lot of time: Complete overhauling of the product can also be possible at the place of buyer but it might take a lot of time. This can cause disruptions in regular tasks and might not look good. Therefore, time consuming works are also to be taken to the center.

Besides, there could be any number of other reasons wherein the work could have been accomplished on-site but the product has to be taken to the service center in order to avoid the hassles and to work in a focussed manner.

Name: Samsung Service Centre in Delhi
Address: Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad
Category: Samsung Service Centre in Delhi
Phone: 9811-3431-36
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

When the product is being taken to the center, it is pertinent that the location of the center shall be known and verified. If it is the company exclusive or authorised service center, then it is not a problem. However, for all other persons or agencies, you are advised to get their location confirmed.

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