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List of Precautions Which Samsung Microwave Oven Repair in Gurgaon Will Tell You

If you visit the official website of the Samsung Microwave appliance, it states that microwaves are non-ionizing in nature and, therefore, these are not harmful on body. And, in the same breath it says that long and considerable exposure to these rays can lead to rise in temperature of the body. Even though this statement might be true, the common person is bound to take it with a pinch of salt.

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There is a common perception among the people that ‘any’ exposure to these rays is harmful and, therefore, the people who operate it take all basic precautions. Even the Samsung microwave oven repair in Gurgaon will mention these precautions in regular use of the oven. So, what are these basic precautions and how can these be help in preventing accidents?

  • Keep an arm’s length from while operating microwave oven. This is a very basic safety measure. The reason for this is to ensure that you remain away from any inadvertent trouble that the microwave might develop while operating.
  • Oven shall not be operated when it is empty. When a microwave is empty, there is nothing inside to absorb the microwave energy. This leads to absorption of this energy by the magnetron which is also its producer. Therefore, this is to ensure that there is no damage to the oven and that it does not catch fire. Even otherwise, it might cause overheating of the oven and lead to ultimate shutting down. It shall be ensured that microwave is switched on only after articles are placed inside it.
  • If the door of the microwave remains ajar due to any reason, then it shall not be operated. At first, the Samsung microwave oven repair center shall be called to fix this before the microwave is operated.
  • Under no circumstances shall anyone interfere with the fuse. This is a very critical component of the appliance and any tampering with it can result in excessive current overflow.
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These precautions are also mentioned in the manual that comes with the microwave. These must be strictly adhered to for ensuring long term operation with full safety.

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